Hopefully check valve suppliers I have not bamboozled you with too much description and that you have understood the process. The next stage in the heat pump process is called Condensing and is where the vapour is passed to a condenser or heat exchanger. Established for many years EcoVision are well respected for not only their eco-friendly solutions, but for their continual research, testing and evalutaion of eco-friendly products.

Many people do not realise that natural heat is to be found in the air, earth and water surrounding us. Doing some research on-line is probably the best way of finding one of these companies. But many people do not even know what a Heat Pump is. This stage is very similar to steam from a boiling kettle hitting a metal plate and causing the metal plate to heat up very quickly. Vapour temeperature can easily rise from 75 to 125 degrees.

A heat pump system contains refrigerant in pipes. This article will help you understand with an easy explanation of the environmentally friendly Heat Pump technology. After this stage in the heat pump process the vapour is passed through an expansion valve which allows the pressure to decrease and the vapour return to its liquid state. This stage is know as the Expansion Stage.Heat pumps make use of refrigerant liquids that are renowned for heating and boiling at sub zero temperatures.

One such established company that specialises in heat pumps and other renewable energy products and technology is EcoVision. The type of heat pump used will naturally be dictated by what natural heat sources are available. When Penstocks Valves Suppliers water or air is passed over the pipes, the refrigerant boils and turns into vapour.

These are Air Source Heat Pumps, Ground Source Heat Pumps and Water Source Heat Pumps. At this stage of the heat pump process the heat produced is then used to heat your home and your hot water system. The refrigerant solution then starts its journey all over again in the heat pump process to be heated and become vapour. At this stage the temperature of the vapour is forced to increases rapidly. Heat Pumps are a proven way of cutting down your carbon emissions whilst reducing your energy bills for heating and hot water.